Netezza® systems have always combined simplicity and performance. The next generation of Netezza warehouse – Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data-continues to improve the performance of the Netezza engine while retaining 100% compatibility with IBM® PureData® System for Analytics and its models TwinFin, Striper and Mako. 

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Netezza and CPD System – Solution Brief

IBM Netezza

Experience a cloud-native data analytics and warehousing system that delivers:

•      AI across the organization with a data and AI solution that runs on any cloud
•      Rich insights from existing and new data by eliminating data silos
•      Multi-petabyte scalability for instant analytics
•      Data collaboration across the enterprise
•      Self-service access to insights

Enjoy 3x greater SQL performance and more on IBM® Netezza®.

When you upgrade to Netezza Performance Server, you can seamlessly integrate your existing Netezza workloads with a full spectrum of data and AI services.

Netezza Performance Server: The Leading Enterprise Data Warehouse – Analyst Brief

Netezza for deep analysis and AI: Now and tomorrow

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