All of Your Data Matters

Massive data doesn’t have to mean settling for partial analytics and missing out on critical insights. The SQream data acceleration platform is a database management system specifically designed to handle massive data sets – from dozens of terabytes to petabytes. SQream shines where others fail – bringing complex queries that take days down to hours, and hours, down to minutes.

Powered by GPUs

Massive parallel engine
Faster and smaller than CPUs

Massively Scalable

Terabytes to petabytes
Not limited by RAM

SQL Database

Familiar ANSI SQL
Standard connectors

Extensible for ML/AI

Python, AI, Jupiter, etc.
Built for data science

Minimal Footprint

High throughput compute
Very cost effective

Lightning Fast

Ingest 3 TB/hour/GPU
Always-on compression

Integrates into Existing Data Pipeline

SQream empowers organizations with a solution that takes their critical business insights to another level – through the ability to carry our faster data analytics on all their massive data stores – and to do it at scale.

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