Can Your Analytics Platform Do All This?

Data Acquisition

Connect to any database, enterprise application, data stream, and data file format using 240+ data connectors. Ingest and aggregate data in real-time.

Data Mapping

Run sub-second queries instantly and join additional data sources without impacting performance. An enriched metadata map combined with smart query routing eliminates the need to pre-aggregate, reshape or transform data.

Data Enrichment

Enrich data using an embedded Spark cluster that auto-scales for machine learning and large-scale data processing.

Self-Service Semantic Layer

Easily curate, refine, analyze and visualize data through a secure semantic layer, providing business users access to the entire data pipeline for true end-to-end self-service.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze complex, full-fidelity business data using your preferred analytics tool—from Incorta’s native visualization capabilities to integrated PySpark, Scala, and R notebooks and third-party BI tools such as Power BI and Tableau.

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