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Enterprise Data Catalog

Alation brings a fresh modern-day approach to data catalogs by aggregating metadata from multiple sources and making it accessible in a central catalog.

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Solving Data Challenges

Learn how Alation’s Enterprise Data Catalog solves the challenges that data professionals face when trying to find, access, analyse, and govern data.

Analyst productivity

Alation’s Enterprise Data Catalog provides a single metadata layer that covers all data sources. Intuitive search, automated data discovery, and guided navigation enable business users and data professionals to find the data they need and provide accurate data analytics.

Cloud data migration

Alation provides in-depth impact analysis of users’ processes and how they use data to inform organisations which data they should move to the cloud and which not, reducing the risk and cost involved with cloud data migration.

Data governance made simple

Alation achieves this by prioritizing people and business needs over data. Governance is integrated into users’ daily activities for real-time, integrated compliance and risk management.

Alation Enterprise Data Catalog solution overview

Alation’s platform provides a broad range of features, modern-day architecture, and a flexible combination of cloud and on-premise deployment models. The platform can be extended by open APIs, SDKs, and additional functionality provided by third-party apps on Alation’s app store.


Providing a broad range of functionality

Data governance

Data governance, data stewardship, data policies approval process, and data quality are automated and simplified by the use of machine learning and crowdsourcing.

Privacy, risk and compliance

Alation incorporates multiple regulations, like CCPA and GDPR, into one platform providing real-time visibility into the data lifecycle, data lineage, policies, usage patterns, and changes in the data environment.

Data analytics

The Analytics Stewardship application simplifies top-down policies, policy interpretation, and policy enforcement, making sure the right data is accessible to the right people at the right time.

Cloud transformation

Through deep impact analysis Alation shows the implications of moving data to the cloud, helping organisations decide which assets are suitable for moving to the cloud.

Behavioural Analysis Engine

Alation uses pattern recognition to learn how data professionals search and use data. The platform provides suggestions and recommendations that are personalised to each data professional’s behaviour.

Intelligent design that automates work processes


Alation uses machine learning and Behavioral Analysis Engine (BAE) to automatically generate business glossaries, popularity rankings, user breakdowns, usage recommendations, and natural language search capabilities.

Collaboration & Knowledge sharing

Alation facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing between data users. The system automatically identifies experts and allows other users to reach out to them for help. As well, when users search for data the system suggests relevant articles.

Guided Navigation

In order to overcome the complexity of enterprise data structures, Alation classifies the data, learns users’ behaviour, and then guides users’ searches with personal recommendations, flags, and policies.

Active Governance management

Alation provides a central interface through which data compliance officers can manage, change, and set policies across the entire organisation, ensuring that users can access only the data they’re allowed to and that the enterprise complies with regulations.

Security and performance


Alation offers enterprise-grade secure sign on with LDAP and SAML. The system then ensures that users can access only data they are allowed to.

Performance and Scalability

Alation’s modern data architecture supports huge data volumes and high-performance processing and allows the solution and organisation to scale easily.


Alation can be deployed irrespective of where the organisation hosts its’ data, whether it’s an on-premises installation, private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments.


Alation’s Enterprise Data Catalog pulls all metadata into a central catalog, allowing data users to access, analyse, define, and manage metadata easily.

Open APIs and SDKs

Alation provides an open API that allows organisations to customize and extend the platform using the Alation SDKs. Organisations can add applications into the Alation platform or embed Alation into applications. Alation can integrate data into data visualisation tools like MicroStrategy by embedding Alation into MicroStrategy. The Open Connector SDK allows organisations to connect multiple technologies or pre-relational databases to Alation as data sources.


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