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Data Virtualisation

Denodo, the leaders in Data Virtualisation.

With more than 20 years of innovation, Denodo is an industry leader, offering enterprise-grade data virtualisation with an easy-to-use interface.

BITanium brings value to many industries, including financial services, retail, mining, and healthcare, by leveraging Denodo’s Data Virtualisation capabilities.

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Abstracting away from complexity

Denodo provides a single interface into your data that can be utilised with basic SQL knowledge, regardless of the underlying technology.
By creating an abstraction layer, Denodo offers a logical view of your data that aligns with
business use rather than being concerned about any given technology.

Data abstraction

Data virtualisation hides the complexities of accessing data from the underlying data systems, their formats, and structures. Regardless of whether these are traditional databases, unstructured data streams, APIs, or even Excel, data abstraction simply turns them into simple SQL data structures that can be accessed with ease.

Zero replication

Unlike ETL, data virtualisation does not need to “collect” the data into a separate repository in order to transform it into the destination format. It handles the transformation and aggregation on-the-fly, meaning faster processing – even when combined with existing ETL environments!

Real-time data delivery

Since data virtualisation “connects” to the underlying data sources in real-time, it delivers up-to-the-minute data to the business users within their applications. No more having to wait for tomorrow to see how sales are doing today.

Agility and simplicity

Data virtualisation’s view-based approach delivers agility when underlying sources are added, removed, or changed. Suddenly IT is able to respond to business much faster, delivering data insights on demand.

A complete data virtualisation architecture

Denodo contains all the capabilities that businesses require to implement a logical data fabric, including a dynamic data catalog for semantic search and enterprise-wide data governance, industry-leading query acceleration powered by machine learning, automated infrastructure management for multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud scenarios and embedded data preparation capabilities for self-service analytics, to help bridge the gap between IT and business.

Denodo Platform Features

Denodo’s Platform goes beyond every other data virtualization solution, offering:

Easy to use

Exceptional user experience, targeting the special needs of business and IT stakeholders, with a completely redesigned web-based user interface.
Seamless access to data, enhanced collaboration, and ML-driven automatic recommendation through a Dynamic Data Catalog.
Automated infrastructure management for the cloud with PaaS support for cloud and hybrid environments.


Intelligent and optimal query execution strategy using a Dynamic Query Optimizer, for faster access to Data.
Smart Query Acceleration capability for complex analytical scenarios, with the help of Summaries.
In-Memory Parallel Processing to further accelerate data access, with unparalleled speed.
A suite of automated lifecycle management features, so users can spend less time managing data, and more time leveraging data to make decisions.


A modern data services layer that supports OAuth 2.0, SAML, OpenAPI, OData 4, GraphQL, and other cloud standards for easy interoperability with current cloud systems.


Seamless security and governance, by providing secure, selective access to an organization’s entire data holdings via a single point of control and administration.

Becoming a data-driven organisation

Today, most organisations need to move to become a data-driven organisation. This type of organisation understands the data they have and have the data analytics capability in place to guide proactive decision making to unlock the most business value from their data.

Some of the business value unlocked is improving customer experience, optimising business operations or reducing fraud.

In order to become a data-driven organisation, modern data architecture needs to be implemented to develop trust in reliable datasets delivered to business users.

Data virtualisation enables this by providing a single, virtual access layer across a distributed data landscape.

Realise the benefits of an agile data environment

Data virtualisation proves that connecting to data is far superior to collecting it.

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