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Groucho Marx

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Peter F. Drucker

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Albert Einstein

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Woodrow Wilson

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete!”

Jack Welsh, CEO, General Electric

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Edward Tufte in “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information”

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Noetix: The Oracle Applications Reporting Experts

More than 1,400 customers worldwide use Noetix to quickly and cost-effectively access the enterprise application data they need to make important business decisions. By providing instant, configuration-specific operational reporting and ad hoc query for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, and Siebel CRM, Noetix delivers the fastest time to business answers. This metadata-driven technology and lean architecture deliver immediate access to data, resulting in the lowest cost BI solution to acquire, implement, and maintain.

Key Features

  • Oracle Reporting:
    Answer hundreds of operational business questions within hours using Noetix to quickly transform Oracle application data into an easy to use reporting solution, enabling business professionals to create custom reports without IT assistance.

  • Enterprise BI:
    Noetix automatically generates business intelligence content for Oracle’s enterprise applications into the industry’s leading business intelligence platforms, helping customers maximize their investments in enterprise BI tools, including Business Objects, Cognos, Oracle Discoverer, and Oracle BI Enterprise Edition.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12:
    represents a major upgrade to the Oracle Applications family of products. Protecting reports when migrating from 11i to Release 12 is a key concern of many implementation teams. NoetixViews works with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 and provides upgrade protection for the vast majority of existing customer reports and queries that use these views in an Oracle 11i environment.

  • Packaged Analytics:
    Quickly deploy a packaged analytical reporting solution built on a robust, scalable data warehouse architecture. Noetix manages the integration of multiple data sources, providing users with historical trending and analysis for strategic reporting.

Noetix Views

NoetixViews greatly simplifies report development against Oracle enterprise applications by automatically creating easy-to-use business views of the underlying database. NoetixViews delivers the fastest connection between decision makers and operational data, streamlining the manually-intensive process necessary with implementing reporting tools or enterprise-wide BI initiatives. Whether you need to empower business professionals with the ability to create Oracle reports or implement an enterprise-wide decision support system, the award-winning NoetixViews can accelerate your access to operational information.

Noetix Analytics

Noetix Analytics provides organisations with an end-to-end enterprise Business Intelligence reporting solution, built on a data warehouse architecture. Noetix Analytics is a packaged analytics solution designed to provide business users with strategic reporting for trending and analysis based on information from multiple data sources. Organisations can use Noetix Analytics in conjunction with their existing business intelligence and reporting tools from Noetix, Oracle, IBM Cognos, and SAP Business Objects. Business professionals gain visibility to the historical data they need, when they need it.

Noetix Generator

Noetix Generator automatically generates NoetixViews into popular business intelligence (BI) reporting tools such as Business Objects, Cognos BI, Oracle BI, and Oracle Discoverer to accelerate access to Oracle E-Business Suite application data. With many organisations running a variety of BI reporting tools, Noetix Generator automates the manually-intensive process of populating each reporting tool with the reporting objects necessary for business professionals to develop reports without IT assistance. Noetix Generator significantly reduces the tedious effort in implementing BI applications by fully automating the integration of NoetixViews within the reporting tool’s metadata layer, saving administrators resource costs in supporting a diverse reporting environment.

Noetix Search

Noetix Search enables Noetix users to search the data models generated by Noetix (and all of the accompanying descriptive details) in a familiar, intuitive user interface via their favourite browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

A powerful, flexible, and scalable approach for users to explore their Noetix content, Noetix Search presents business users with a wealth of information about their unique configuration via a familiar, intuitive user interface. It is a browser-based search application that enables Noetix users to quickly find the right Noetix content for their reports. Noetix Search works with all modules of NoetixViews for Oracle E-Business Suite and Noetix Analytics.

Noetix Platform

Noetix Platform provides organisations with a powerful Business Intelligence reporting solution, either as a standalone BI platform or strengthened by seamless integration with NoetixViews. Noetix Platform is an enterprise reporting platform designed to manage the security and integration of multiple data sources, providing the delivery of information to Noetix WebQuery (ad hoc query tool) and Noetix Dashboard (graphical KPI displays).

Organisations use Noetix Platform to fully leverage the power of NoetixViews and NoetixAnswers and to extend the capabilities of their current reporting infrastructure. With Noetix Platform, business professionals gain immediate access to the operational data they need—all from their Web browser. Complete integration with Microsoft Excel enables organisations to exploit the robust reporting features of Noetix WebQuery without requiring business users to learn another BI tool.

Noetix Answers

Noetix answers are pre-built reports that answer hundreds of common business questions without the need for resource-intensive development. It provides hundreds of customizable reports “out of the box” for Oracle E-Business Suite without the need to map data locations or write SQL code. NoetixAnswers allow nontechnical business users a cost-effective means to quickly locate a pre-built report and modify it to answer a specific inquiry without IT assistance.

Report authors and query users can use any of the following tools: Noetix WebQuery, IBM Cognos Report Studio, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, Oracle BI Answers, or Oracle Interactive Dashboards to access and customize their pre-built reports against configuration-specific views of their Oracle application data.

Users can easily personalize any aspect of a report, including which columns are used, how the results are sorted, what filters or parameters are used and how the report is formatted. Additionally, users can create new columns based on calculations or custom expressions giving each decision maker the ability to view a report in the desired format.